In search of adrenalin

There are people to whom raising the adrenalin level is a prerequisite for a successful outing. For the brave among us, we offer some inspiration.

Unites States – In search of adrenalin we start easy because the possibilities are plenty. Like camping in El Capitan’s Dawn Wall.

In search of adrenalin

Or do you rather prefer number two? A skywalk in central China’s Hunan Pingjiang. The glass walkway was opened on September 29, 2014 and is built on a bridge which suspends 180 meters above ground and extends 300 meters from the rims of two mountains. Some tourists say their legs quivered while walking.

Hanging out above the Grand Canyon

Hanging on parachute ropes above Grand Canyon is another adventure unless you rather hang out with your buddies in a cool place like Monte Piana in the Italian Alps?

Images: Corey Rich, Jiao Zi, Slackline Media, Balazs Mohai






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