Chinese goodbye, American hello

Imagine you want to end your relationship after 13 years. What would you do? Most people probably won’t have an elevated solution to that. But the artist couple Marina Abramović en Ulay did something very special.

New York – They decided to make a spiritual journey and both walked along the Chinese Wall. No, not together, but each started from an opposite side. Ulay started at the Gobi desert and Abramović from the Yellow Sea.

Abramović in MOMA

After 2500 km they meet, say goodbye and carried on. That would have been the end of the story if it weren’t for a special event in 2010 when Abramović has an exhibition in MOMA. Chinese goodbye leads to a new hello. In ‘The Artist Is Present’, Marina shares a period of silence with strangers that take place opposite of her. Then between all those people  Ulay shows up. After 22 years. See for yourself what then happens

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