‘On fairies and bullet holes’


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In the book On fairies and bullet holes, Nicole Franken (Mrs. Nomad) and Anneke de Bundel (Mrs. Villager) travel through desolate regions of Norway, Iceland, Bosnia, Iraq, Ireland and Scotland. Now for only € 10,00!

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In the book On fairies and bullet holes journalist Anneke de Bundel and photographer Nicole Franken travel through Norway, Iceland, Bosnia, Iraq, Ireland and Scotland. And the preface? Written by the more than fantastic internationally renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson!

Book On fairies and bullet holes

The book On fairies and bullet holes received a lot of attention from the press and the ladies were very busy doing a promotion movie and countless interviews for newspapers, magazines, radio and tv.

Remote areas

They meet people in remote areas. Areas where volcanoes, violence and loneliness can erupt anytime and where people do what they do best: survive.

Like the shipbuilder who converses regularly with fairies, or the Syrian refugee who still serves coffee in gold-rimmed cups or the mountain guide navigating between roadside bombs and a mother threatening to marry him off. Nature is their enemy and their ally. Or as the Kurds put it: “Only the mountains love the Kurds.”


In the middle of the night I am roughly awakened by the photographer shining her baseball bat torch in my face. I want to say something angry to her, but remember just in time that I mustn’t move, otherwise I’ll plummet down two meters from my ledge.

“Did you hear that, too?” she asks, her lip trembling. “What?” I ask in irritation. I don’t hear a thing. Just the boat splashing and the rope making a slightly grating sound. The rest of the world is quiet.

What do the fans say

“Daydreaming of traveling in distant countries, getting to know the locals. With wonderful stories and beautiful photos. The book On fairies and bullet holes is highly recommended! – Raymond Rutting, freelance photographer for de Volkskrant en National Geographic.

“This book On fairies and bullet holes is written in the best tradition of VPRO’s  foreign affairs program ‘Diogenes’. Go temporarily live with people who experience the crisis at first hand. There you see the mirror of world politics. Anneke de Bundel and Nicole Franken are doing just that in “On fairies and bullet holes. Must read! ” – Lex Runderkamp, Travelling reporter Arab world for the NOS Dutch Broadcasting Company.

The press

Preceding the launch of “On fairies and bullet holes”, there was much press attention and we were interviewed by Omroep Max, Radio 1 VPRO Bureau Buitenland, Het Parool, Columbus Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Meridian Travel Magazine, Focus Magazine, Vechtstroom , de Gelderlander and SBS6. Here you find some of the publications.

The authors

Anneke de Bundel is a journalist and travel blogger. Born in Belgium in the year that the turtle Tui Malila died in Tonga at the age of 188 years. She moved to Holland at a young age. An event from which she has never recovered.  She has lived in the US, Spain and former Yugoslavia. She portraits people in search of happiness. Usually against the current.

Nicole Franken is a photographer. She was born in Rotterdam on the coldest day of 1976 – rumour has it in ski gear – and moved to Curaçao as fast as she could to warm up. She hates public transport but has nonetheless travelled the entire world by bus. She finally settled on a houseboat on a very Dutch stretch of water. She captures with her camera what tends to stay out of sight.

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Anneke de Bundel and Nicole Franken


KNNV Uitgeverij


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October 30th 2015


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