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For those not familiar with their campaigns, KLM always knows how to find the balance between selling a product and sheer emotion. In their new campaign KLM does not shy away from the occasional tear. Klm is #happytohelp.

Amsterdam – This time the campaign is aimed at passengers who don’t fly KLM. Regular customers know how good their services are, they reason. So time for others to find out. During five days KLM set up a Happy to help control center at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In this 24/7 control center they tracked down people in need of help. Sometimes helping out required no more than a tweet, but sometimes it demanded just a little more.

KLM is #happytohelp

A forgotten passport? A car was arranged to pick it up. In a traffic jam in New York City? KLM had speedboat taxi ordered. Oh no where is my guitar? A motorbike in Hong Kong took care of the matter. Just got married? KLM offered a very special way of transportation at the airport. And did you have much time in between flights? How about a sight seeing trip? But that wasn’t all. Because personal attention was not to be forgotten. So when one passenger needed an lullaby, another needed a wake up call and a third was gently woken up from a bench to have a good night’s rest on a mattress. You see… KLM is happy to help.

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