Syrian sisters sing of pain Middle East

The video of the two Syrian sisters Faiayo and Rihan touched a nerve in the Middle East as well as in the western world. The sisters, who live in Sweden, sing and recite poetry in which they express the pain, felt by the various countries involved in war and conflict in the Middle East.  

Sweden – The sisters are a hit since their song titled ‘To our countries’, went viral.  The two women sing about the ongoing conflict in Syria causing the deaths of all ready a 190.000 people. A war, they sing, in which women and children are sold as slaves. Iraq is also is mentioned. IS is called a big tyranny. Lebanon and Palestine are also named.

“Generations witnessing the barbarity of today and the fear of tomorrow.” The Syrian sisters end the song by singing the Mawtini Iraq’s national anthem. composed by a Lebanese musician and written by a Palestinian in 1934.

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