You fill up my luggage

Imagine you live in Jakarta and you have this craving for Dutch candy. Or you are a NGO in Uganda in need of mosquito nets. But shipping is expensive, than what? Fill up my luggage has the solution!

Nederland – Fill up my luggage is a website where travelers can register. If you happen to go to Jakarta next week, you register. Someone in Jakarta can then see someone is coming and can ask that person to bring along his favorite food, a book or a pair of shoes you can only buy in the hometown. Crowdshipping it is called. Fill up my luggage. The idea behind it is that commercial shipping of small goods is often impossible or very expensive.

Fill up my luggage

“But”, says Djina Tangali, initiator of the site Fill up my luggage “it is not only about luxurious goods it is also about necessities, even more. Take for example Cuba. What many travelers don’t know is that Cuba has a lack of condoms and therefor condoms are very expensive. HIV increases, so do teenage pregnancies. NGO’s ask people to bring along condoms to Cuba. We can make a difference here.”

But nearer to home is also a possibility. “What if you drive every day to work from Amsterdam to Rotterdam with an empty trunk. You could take stuff along and get payed for it. Getting payed can be done in various ways. In cash, but also if you bring goodies to Jakarta they can offer you accommodation or a city trip.”

Unknown content

To keep it safe the organisation has set a bunch of rules to prohibit you from travelling with unknown content. And there is a rating system on people involved.

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