5 Best read stories of January 2017

The first month of the year has passed. A strange month for us with many things happening. Nomad ended up in hospital, Villager passes her days there anyways since her mother is diagnosed with cancer. And where were our readers? Sometimes you can see a link between our stories and events in the news, but sometimes you cannot at all. A list of the 5 best read stories from January 2017.

World – There is always that moment at the end of the month when which you look at Google Analytics and then have to rub a few times in your eyes. What were the best read stories of January 2017? Sometimes it turns out an old story suddenly has gone viral or worse, a good new feature remained lonely with no one coming to visit.

5 best read stories of January 2017

This time we had to rub our eyes because of the wonderful contrast of the post that was best read. Because let’s be honest… it wasn’t exactly the kind of weather to enjoy a terrace. At least not in Rotterdam.

1. Rotterdam terraces

The country was under a white blanket of snow and Trump consumed the front page just about every single day. While the snow crunched under our boots, the skates were removed from their cases. our readers, which means you,  were flocking to the Rotterdam terraces. Were you cold? Did you long for spring? No idea, but Rotterdam was apparently the place to be.

5 Best read stories of January 2017 Rotterdam

2. Surving the favelas of Fortaleza

A story that we made in Brazil, on child prostitution and the slums, was one of the best read stories of January 2017. it makes us happy to see that this subject does not go unnoticed.

Brazil hit the front page a couple of times because of the corruption scandals and the murder of a prominent judge who is investigating this.

Corruption is common in the story we did: Children with a hole in their soul, in which we interview young prostitutes. (not translated yet) but it is ultimately our wild ride through the harbor district that got a lot of readers.

3. The women wants a farmer

Caravan of women | Vrouwenkaravaan | 5 Best read stories of January 2017

Love is an eternal subject. And the women searching for love in Spanish villages are well visited by you. In this time of Tinder women might have found other ways to meet a future husband but the caravans still go. Even though the organiser has been criticed lately for sexism

4. Kreuzkölln, 10 hotspots

Apart from Rotterdam, Berlin seems to be in the planning for a visit. We have many stories on Berlin but apparently many people wanted to have go to the artsy area of Kreuzkölln either to eat vegan, to ski or to party.

5. The ladies in the Faroe islands

We started something new this year: all ladies’ stories are now illustrated by Flos Fingerhoets who also illustrates for mayor Dutch newspapers.

She started with our Poland story and now the Ladies on the Faroe Islands. Whether it is the design or the story or both, no idea, but it scored well.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Images: Nicole Franken, Shutterstock

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