Valencia ten hotspots

The fierce swirling river Turia, was banished from the city after a fateful flood. What remained is the heart beat of Valencia. We picked up the bike and followed the ten kilometer long river bed to the sea. And share our ten tips with you.

1. Rent a bike

It is not as flat as the Netherlands, but Valencia still offers numerous opportunities for cycling. Both in the city and along the sea. A beautiful place to cycle is on the river bed of the Turia River. It is about 10 kil kilometers by bike to the sea. Here you find our Valencia ten hotspots.

Valencia ten hotspots

There are various guided biking tours as well. We went with a wonderful guide Petra van Mullekom, who speaks various languages and has a huge knowledge of the city. Of course you can also settle for just renting a bike.

2. Water tribunal

Visit the Water Tribunal in El Carmen if you’re there on Thursday. At 12.00 begins the ceremony of the oldest law system in which farmers can complain about matters pertaining the water supply. They do this in front of judges for the doors of the cathedral. The Tribunal dates back from the Moorish domination of Valencia. Now it is still a happening as the judges one by one take their place.

professional sand castles Valencia las Arenas

3. Graffiti tour

Valencia is the city of graffiti  and street-art in Spain. You find it everywhere in the city. Huge paintings on the sites of the buildings. Especially in the old medieval town El Carmen you can find a lot of art. Important and talented artists are Escif and Hyuro. Street art in this neigbourhood gets competition from photographers and graphic designers who also claim the public space. You want a tour with an expert? This lady can tell you all about it.

4. Discover the Turia

The fierce swirling river Turia, was banished from the city after a devastating flood. What remained is now the heart beat of Valencia. Follow the ten kilometer long river bed from Bioparc in the east all the way to the sea. You make a world trip through changing vegetation, along grandmothers taking dancing lessons, rice fields and boisterous pigs walked by their owners.

Valencia Turia river

5. Tour of the covered market

Valencia has a wonderful covered market. You can take a guided tour here. You will get an explanation on the food, customs and history of the market. At the end there is a tasting part where you taste tapas and wine.

6. Catamaran

Go on a catamaran from the port of Valencia. The catamaran sails off the coast of the city. Select the option for the evening as the sun goes down. You get champagne while you are gently rocking on the front of the boat.

And you are getting lots of ideas for lounge bars later that night since you pass many of them located in the harbor. Mundo Marino offers various trips for about 15 to 20 euros.

Catamaran sailing Valencia Ultramarino Nomad & Villager

7. Agua de Valencia in Cafe de las Horas

The drink Agua de Valencia is meant to counteract hysteria in women. We have tried it! What happened next, we can not reveal. Sorry But  just go explore the cocktail at the strangest bar of Valencia. Cafe de las Horas is located in the old medieval center.

Founded as a teahouse for bookworms it is now an avant-garde cocktail place where many special festivals are organized. You can still read while sipping tea but don’t be surprised if the waiters are laying in coffins. Say hello to owner Mark!

8. Boat ride in Albufera

Outside of Valencia is the Albufera Natural Park, a wetland area. You can cycle there from the city or take a bus. You pass the rice fields and in spring fields full of purple artichokes will welcome you.

Boat ride in Albufera

Take a boat ride with the wooden boats and go bird watching. There are plenty of deals where you can have lunch or dinner on the boat.

9. Sleeping on top of Valencia

Bed & Breakfast in a tower just above the city? Why not? This place offers gorgeous views and you have your own tower and terrace overlooking the city for a very decent price.

10. Dinner at Lalola

One of the best eateries in the Old Town is Lalola. Decorated with the red dot of flamenco because the owner loves this music and often organizes concerts. the have frequent live performances at the restaurant. And the food? Modern fusion Spanish. Delicious! Address: Restaurante LaLola C / subida del Toledano 8.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Images: Nicole Franken

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