Barcelona tips from locals

For her studies she ended up in Barcelona. She decided she liked it so much, that she never left. In order to survive she fell madly in love and wrote the famous 100% Barcelona travel book. Annabeth Vis shares her 5 Barcelona tips with us.

Whoever checks on the inside of the cover of the 100% Barcelona guide is met by a smiling Annebeth Vis. For years she has been investigating the best spots in Barcelona. She knows the Catalan capital by heart and loves to share her Barcelona tips.

Together with Ferenz Jacobs she runs a communication office called Jacobs&Vis and she writes articles and guides about Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.

Barcelona tips

“In 2002 I came here as an Erasmus student”, she recalls. “At that moment the city was becoming popular among people going for a city break and popularity has been rising ever since. As a journalist I started, after my studies, writing articles for magazines and newspapers.

In the mean time I got to know Barcelona better and better. What I saw I liked a lot and it stayed that way. I love discovering new spots, buildings, restaurants and other things. In this Catalan capital there is always something new to find.

Versatility of Barcelona

What I like best about Barcelona? The versatility. The beach, the boulevard, the medieval town, modern museums, hip restaurants and a superb cultural life, the Montjuïc and so on.

Whether you come for Gaudí, architecture,to shop or for the culinary highlights you find it all here.” Here are my Barcelona tips:

1. Montjuïc

A few times a week you find me biking or running on the Montjuïc, the city mountain of Barcelona. A great place also because the Fundació Joan Miró is great to pay a visit to or else the terrace at Hotel Miramar. Great for a coffee break. At the other site of the mountain you find the cemetery of  Montjuïc with pompous gravestones and very kitsch alcoves.

2. Gastrobar

Tapas in a modern jacket or very luxurious? Here is one of my foodie tips: Go to one of Barcelona’s gastrobar. More and more you find these kind of tapa bars in the city. Ideal because you can share food and try many different dishes. My favorites: Imprevist, Elsa y Fred and the Peruvian Tanta.

3. Souvenirs

Looking for something special for home? You will find the most original souvenirs at WaWas in the district of El Born. An other suggestions if you don’t want to come home with a miniature Sagrada Familía are the chocolate tablets and other sweets from Bubó, a great place and a top Catalan baker.

4. Palau de la Música

Antoni Gaudí was Barcelona’s most famous architect, but he wasn’t the only one. During that same era Lluís Domènech i Montaner was responsible for  Palau de la Música, a fantastic building. Also on the inside it is a lust for the eye. Going to a concert here is one of my Barcelona tips and a special experience.

5. Biking

Very Dutch but seen more and more in Barcelona. Rent one and get to know the city by bike. Barcelona also offers city bikes which you can find everywhere throughout town. However, in the summer the problem is that you never find bikes going downtown to the beach, since they are all taken.

So to be sure you are better of renting one. In barrio Gótico my favorite place is El Ciclo. The owner can help you with a safe way around.

Image: Tourist office Barcelona

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