Tokyo, five tips by…

The luminous bustling metropolis of Tokyo is one of the most modern cities in the world. A capital city like no other in Asia, offering whatever you could possibly want. Tokyo five tips by …

“It should be noted, however that the top attractions should not be missed because they are an indication of Tokyo and Japanese culture,” says Raoul of Raoul is a Japan fanatic and prefers to go backpacking through the archipelago.

Tokyo, five tips by…

For the ladies Nomad & Villager he selected Tokyo, five tips by Raoul.

1. Top attractions Tokyo

We start with the least exciting tip but this one should not be missed if you have limited time to spend in Tokyo.

Many people like to go on vacation to New York, London, Moscow and other cities. Yet Tokyo is now not a bad alternative. Flights are often cheap: Amsterdam – Tokyo around €500.  Going on vacation to Tokyo? Then definitely do not skip the following sights:

The magnificent imperial Palace and Japanese gardens surrounding it let you escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Continue your journey towards the huge Senso-ji Temple. The most popular temple in Japan. This temple is beautifully lit at night!

Old imperial palace

After the old imperial palace and the Senso-ji temple you are perhaps curious about the history of Tokyo? You can revive the history extensively in the Edo-Tokyo museum that explains the entire history of Japan up to the present.

2. Grab a bike like a real Dutchie

Cycling is not very popular in Tokyo. Yet the government is trying to stimulate it by constructing cycling paths everywhere. You can explore the beautiful city easily by bicycle as a real Dutchman.

This allows you to quickly discover the city for public transport usually gets you stuck in traffic and by subway you see nothing.The liveliest areas for cycling are Shibuya, Ginza and Harajuku.

3. Olympic games 2020

The Olympic summer games take place in Tokyo. This might seem far away. However, the city is already busy with preparations and you can already see the giant Olympic Stadium. The Japanese expect to receive more than 35 million people for the Summer Olympics.

4. Spending the night in a capsule hotel

Tokyo is the largest city in the world with about 38 million inhabitants (2014). Because so many people live a lack of space arose in the city so there is little room to build new hotels or hostels. The inventive Japanese have however found a solution called Capsule hotels.

The name sort of gives it away. You sleep in a kind of space capsule that is not much large than a bed. If you have claustrophobia, we do not recommend sleeping in a capsule hotel but otherwise it is definitely a Japanese adventure you must experience.

5. Sushi, sushi and again sushi

Sushi fans should pay attention because Tokyo is the true sushi mecca. The city is known for its many gourmet restaurants where you seemingly can get the best sushi ever in the world.

Some sushi chefs like Jiro Ono (85) spend their entire life perfecting sushi. His restaurant can be found in the Ginza district and is called Sukiyabashi Jiro.

Besides the exclusive sushi bars in Tokyo you can get sushi anywhere. The Japanese are mad about it and have it as a side dish at every meal, even at breakfast!

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