Jamaica five tips by…

In Jamaica FIVE TIPS BY… Aldith Hunkar, former anchor woman of the Dutch Broadcasting Company NOS shares her tips on her tropical reggae island.

Aldith Hunkar calls herself a global freestyle multi-media journalist. In 1994 she started as the anchor woman of the Dutch Broadcasting Company (NOS) presenting news for the youth. She was the first camjo (camera journalist) for the news.

Jamaica five tips by…

Now she writes, films and photographs and makes features emphasizing equal rights. She lives and works part time in Jamaica.

“It won’t surprise no one that my tips are about Jamaica. Music was my first tie to the island. I went to have a look (at a time that even getting there was a mayor adventure) to see where all this great music was coming from. I fell in love instantly.

Bob Marley

As Bob Marley sings: “There’s a Natural Mystic flowing through the air“. I can’t describe that. You have to experience it. When talking about Jamaica the subject usually is the sun, the sea, yeah man, slow and (sure!), the violence.

All I can say after coming there for over 20 years, is that Jamaicans have original minds, are very positive on life, have a short fuse but it never lasts long. They are mentally and physically very strong, with a perseverance you don’t see every day.

And on top of that they, on that tiny island, invented reggae! Music that conquered the entire world!” Here are: Jamaica five tips by …Aldith.

1. Stay in Pocadise

If you want to get to know the island with all her glory and richness, make plans well in advance and if you like contact me. Because admit it!

Who wouldn’t want to stay in my Pocadise Guest House? See!

2. Poca tours

And if you stay in Pocadise than also arrange for your Poca Tours! If you plan ahead, I can be your guide and take you around. I am very knowledgeable on the island and can take you to places you otherwise would never come.

Oh and Poca? That’s me. it is the nick name that was given to me by my best friends on the island.  And much easier than Aldith, especially when I am on the road.

3. Don’t

Don’t go to an all-inclusive! Unless you only want sun and sea. But if that is what you want,  you are much better off going to Florida or Marbella. And much cheaper off too. All-inclusives don’t contribute anything to the local economy. It all flows back to the big hotel chains.

4. Relax

Keep it relaxed. Jamaicans love to have a chat and know more about you. In most cases they are not after your wallet. Really!

5. Coconut milk

Make sure you are not overheated during the day. Get out of the sun. And drink as much coconut milk as you can. Just buy it with the guy in the street who opens it for you right there and then. And when you have drank all, he cuts it open and you can eat the inside. Nice and fresh. “Wash out you ‘eart!”, they say in Jamaica.

Image: Nicole Franken

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