Ubud, five tips by…

Ubud was once a small agricultural village, but it is now the cultural hotspot of Bali. A relaxed culture, organic food and yoga. You’ll find it all here. We share Ubud, five tips by…

Indonesia, you’re so beautiful! There is plenty to do and see in this country. Endless rice fields gorgeous beaches, picturesque villages and delicious food. I was here to relax. Well, that certainly succeeded!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Marjolein Teunissen, I am 24 years old and I am a marketeer. I play football and the third half. Travel is a passion of mine. I try at least once a year to make a big trip like to Ubud. Here is Ubud, five tips by Marjolein.

Ubud, five tips by…

1. Rice fields (Tegalalang)

There are very many rice fields in Bali, but only one can be the most beautiful. The rice fields of Tegalalang lie 10 kilometers to the north, and are easily accessible on a scooter. You just need to go straight on and ypou wil find them to your right.

These rice fields lie on a hill, so they have a unique shape. If you face the possibility to make a panorama picture with our phone. this is the place to do it. There are many angles from which you can take pictures.

Furthermore, you can always see farmers working in the rice fields, making sure the irrigation system is working well. This irrigation system is called Subak. And the authority lies with the Balinese priests, who aim to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Rice fields along with a system of canals, tunnels and dams make this possible. In this way, the water is being used from high in the mountains and used as effectively as possible.

2. Blanco Museum

Blanco Museum is dedicated to the artist Don Antonio Blanco. The nice thing about this museum is that it is not just for the hardcore art lovers. The paintings are in fact images of life on Bali,  you will recognize many of them. The focus is primarily on Balinese women.

The frames around the paintings are also made by Blanco and paintings continue in the frames. This gives an extra dimension to the art.

Outside in the garden of the museum there is also plenty to see. Here are all kinds of rare birds you can watch. You can have your picture taken with a with a toucan and a parrot. And do not forget to look around you because the views from the garden are phenomenal! The visit costs 80,000 Rp.

3. Yoga Barn

Yoga Barn is a paradise for the yoga enthusiast and the beginner. There are classes on various levels so everyone can participate. The Yoga Barn exudes complete tranquility. At the restaurant you can order delicious smoothies, what everyone does. You’ll find people in a football pants or wide yoga pants: everyone is welcome!

The classes are given in large rooms with views of the surrounding nature. It feels like being outside. The teachers are friendly and combine both passion and tranquility. Sometimes English is a little difficult to understand if you’re not a native just like the teacher.

But if you watch closely you will be fine. Remember that it is always 30 degrees in Ubud and that Vinyassa Flow class is more intense than than a Yin-class.

4. Soma Organic High Vibe

Ubud is of course known for its relaxed lifestyle, yoga and food. In Ubud you can spend many afternoons in adorable, organic cafés sipping a smoothie. One of these cafes is Soma Organic High Vibe. You can relax on various poufs, while enjoying a ‘Belly Juice’ or a’Cinamon Smile’.

And if that’s not enough, you look out on a garden full of beautiful flowers and plants. Each smoothie, juice or yogurt drinks (lassie) comes with a leaflet telling you the favorable effects.

In addition, you can enjoy healthy snacks like carrot and radish with a hummus. Or how about the wide range of salads? Close your eyes and enjoy the soothing music that can is played in the outdoor cafe.

5. Monkey Forest

As the name implies, you are in a forest full of monkeys. Like a zoo but they are really a lot closer. The monkeys usually run around everywhere in Monkey Forest. You can have your picture taken with a monkey on your head, or standing on the bridge which is overgrown by tree roots. Not a fan of monkeys? There is also a meadow with deer and lots of beautiful views.

Please don’t take precious belongings with you like sunglasses, because the monkeys like to catch them. Keep your camera tight. If all goes wrong, keep in mind that the apes usually like to swap their stolen goods for a banana, because that is why they steal in the first place.

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