Where do you leave a corpse on a plane?

Fear of flying. Many people suffer from the fear of a plane crash. In the Netherlands more than a million refuse to go on a plane for that reason. But the possibility of dying on a plane is seldom discussed. What happens then? Are passengers informed?

Berlin – Airplanes carry about 250 million people on a a yearly basis. About ten of them die during the flight according to The New England Journal of Medicine.

Where do you leave a corpse on a plane?

“But what happens to the corpse?”, the Berlin newspaper Die Zeit wondered. The newspaper contacted several European airlines and discovered the subject was still a grey zone. “The toilet, would that be an option?” “No”, was the reply.

“That would be disrespectful apart from the fact that the body becomes stiff and you would have a hell of a job getting the deceased one out after a while.


A British flight personnel trainer  said she recommends to put a blanket over the body leaving the face uncovered. So it looks like the person were asleep. Sometimes a stewardess is asked to take the seat next to the deceased one.

If there is room in first class you can take the person there in a wheelchair. But you have to inform the passengers nearby.

In 2006, a passenger on a British Airways flight was carried first class during the last three hours of the flight.


“There used to be a time we prepared a corpse as if it were still enjoying the flight. We’d put a sleep mask, fold a newspaper open and serve a drink”, says a spokesman for British Airways. “But not anymore.”

Lufthansa said they have no set procedures but act upon the situation which can vary. As soon as a Hugo cannot sit anymore, as they describe a sudden death on the plane, they consider the best option.

“The best thing is when the deceased one is traveling with beloved ones, but that is not always the case.”

Source: Die Zeit – Image: Shutterstock

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