Metz in the picture

The hilly countryside of the Lorraine with Metz as capital, is for many no more than a quick stop in the endless drive to a summer destination in the south. A missed opportunity for those who like medieval towns, hidden villages, dragons and wolves.

Metz – Most people drive pas this city on their way to the south. But don’t pass it, make it part of you holidays because it is really worth it. You will be surprised at how much beauty the city has to offer. I know we were.

Therefor we share Metz in the picture. Including the beautiful area that surrounds it. The Lorraine is an area known for its food. Cheese and sausages. All the local products are for sale but also ready to taste at the famous foodmarket, Le Marche du Metz.

Metz in the picture

Another boost to the city was given by the Centre Pompidou- Metz that has settled down right in the city center. The city offers a lot of art en lovely restaurants and medieval alleys. The river is full of travelling swans passing by. It is also a huge university town with students form all over the world flocking the medieval streets and cafe’s.

At night, Metz is beautifully illuminated and in the surrounding countryside and villages you still find France as it was a hundred years ago.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Images: Nicole Franken

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