Iceland blues

Langanes – The light just will not go away. An obstinate band of white above the mountain Hleiðólfsfjall keeps the night at a distance. Forty kilometres away, it casts a pale glimmer over Langanes, a peninsula shaped like a duck eagerly looking out over the sea. As if the creature, like me, wants to escape the light.

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Antwerpen tips van locals Antwerp tips

Antwerp tips from locals

Antwerp – “Antwerp is not a city that makes you immediately lose your heart. It is not Hamburg, Ghent or Seville. It’s not the city where you stroll in the shade of trees along centuries-old canals, while listening to the whims of tropical birds, where you see the Art Nouveau facades, and you think to yourself: “My god, how incredibly beautiful! “Here you have to dance at Kiebooms, read Elschot and walk in the snow.

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Trøllanes Faeröereilanden

The richdom of farmer Jóhannus in Trøllanes

Trøllanes – How far away from civilization can you live and where do you feel at home? To the young sheep farmer Jóhannus, the centuries old village of Trøllanes on the Faroe Islands has it all. Just like it had for his ancestors who arrived 500 years ago. “What more does a man need?”

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Algiers, New Orleans

The ferry to Algiers, New Orleans

New Orleans – We were going for a walk in Algiers. I admit it: utter madness! Not only because the temperature refused to drop below 36 degrees Celsius. The fact that in the past seven months, as many as 132 people were killed, mostly by shotgun, was by no means reason to cancel the walk.

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